Contest / Lottery for Tunestiga teamspeak and D-Daygaming forum users!

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Rules are simple. This is lottery and lottery machine will be used. Just register our forum (use your teamspeak name or IGN) and write your favourite game which you like to play most in this thread.

PRIZE is: Dragon Age steam key. (GAMEREACTOR Finland REVIEW :10) Steam price= 19.99EUR

WINNER will be drawn after we have first 10 peoples in this thread.

Good luck!


  • I will start this for example but i´m not be included lottery ;)

    I like to play mostly Arma 3 included all mods.
  • Hi 
    i play arma 2-3 + mods
    and other games Aion,starwarsOR etc..
  • Hi.
    surprisingly i also play arma 3
    but also dayz, h1z1, skyrim, fallout...
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