Extra bots added!

We have added new bots to our server because original epoch enemies are just too boring. :)

Little info about bots:
  1. Automatically-generated static AI spawns: A3EAI will spawn an AI
    group at various named locations on the map if players are nearby.
  2. Dynamic AI spawns: A3EAI will create ambient threat in the
    area for each player by periodically spawning AI to create unexpected
    ambush encounters. These AI may occasionally seek out and hunt a player.
  3. Random AI spawns: A3EAI will create spawns that are randomly
    placed around the map and are periodically relocated. These spawns are
    preferentially created in named locations, but may be also created
    anywhere in the world.
  4. Air and land vehicle AI: AI patrol in vehicles around the map,
    looking for players to hunt down. Cars and trucks may roam the road,
    and helicopters (or jets) search the skies for players. Helicopters with
    available cargo space may also occasionally deploy an AI group by
    parachute. Dynamic AI may also sometimes summon an air vehicle to their
    location for support.


  • Sounds brutal.
  • can't be more brutal than our ski jumping :D
  • edited June 2015
    Bots updated !!! "Radio bots" disabled and now there is about 10 moving patrols with vehicles + 1 heli patrol. UAV´s still there so if you hear or see one bee then shooting it down as fast as you can  is recommended before they call back-up troops...
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